Keep it Clean & Green –  from Arrival to Departure

Please note, this is an adult-only/16+ campsite, and we are currently only able to accept bookings/reservations from those who are residing in the 32 counties, and who will not have been overseas within 14 days prior to arrival.

If you would like to stay at Sleepy Hollows Campsite, you will need to make a reservation.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sleepy Hollows Campsite. We appreciate that you will have heightened concerns regarding hygiene during your holiday with us and trust in cleanliness standards will be critical to you. With that in mind, we will continue to deliver the highest standards of cleanliness as well as a gorgeous green experience – with social distancing – throughout the entire Campsite.

Ahead of your stay – we require all customers to read and understand this information thoroughly, and complete a Covid-19 Declaration Form ahead of arrival. If you have any queries – please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You are required to take your own temperatures at home before you leave for your stay at Sleepy Hollows Campsite. Anyone with a temperature or Covid-19 symptoms must stay at home.

DO NOT travel to Sleepy Hollows Campsite if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, or if you have been around someone with Covid-19 symptoms.

All guests must adhere to all social distancing measures and all guidelines/restrictions set out by the government at all times while on the Campsite. Guests who do not adhere to these measures will need to leave the Campsite with no refund. The success of the nationwide battle against Covid-19 was, and still is, dependent on all of us all working together as a community.  You are a vital component in ensuring continued success and we need your commitment to maintaining the following established Covid-19 public health practices and our operational plan: Visit, or, 

  • A ‘Declaration Form’ must be completed by the main contact for the reservation before arrival – do not omit any detail
  • All guests must bring their passport or photo ID with them
  • All guests must bring their own hand-sanitiser and cleaning products for their own private space
  • Use sanitation stations and wash hands regularly
  • Observe 2m social distancing with other guests and the team
  • Use card for all payments and avoid use of cash
  • And if you feel ill, please do not come to reception – please call us and we will immediately provide assistance.

Unfortunately, failure to cooperate will leave us with no other option but to ask you to vacate the Campsite in the interests of public health.  Please understand that this is for YOUR safety as much as ourselves and other guests.

By completing the necessary Declaration Form, you are opting in to your data/personal information being securely held on-file by us, and this may be passed to the necessary authorities upon any formal request made to Sleepy Hollows Ltd – trading as Sleepy Hollows Campsite.


Sleepy Hollows Ltd.
Co. Donegal
F92 HK73Ian Callaghan: +353 (0)85 252 3126
Nicola McKinlay: +353 (0)85 255 2852
NOW DOC: 1805 40 0911

Letterkenny Gen: 074 9125888
Dungloe District: 074 9521044

Annagry totalhealth Pharmacy: 074 956 2654


We have conducted a deep clean of Sleepy Hollows Campsite prior to opening on 29th June. There will be ongoing sanitisation of all communal areas throughout the day – our mission will be to sanitise and make safe known “hotspots” such as door handles, bathrooms, and the credit card machine.  Please always cooperate with us whilst we conduct the necessary tasks.

We continue to use Cruelty Free and Vegan products – and have also been reassured of this by the hand-sanitiser producer. The hand-sanitiser in the communal areas contains 78% alcohol.

Sanitation stations have been located at numerous locations around the campsite such as Reception, and at the entrance into facilities / bathrooms etc. You are required to make use of them.

Good hand hygiene is needed at all times. Hand-sanitisers have been set-up around the Campsite, but guests should also carry their own hand-sanitiser with them at all times. Do not remove the provided hand-sanitiser from the sanitation stations please.

We ask that Caravans/Campervans/Motorhomes use their own onboard facilities (sinks, toilets, showers), where possible. This will free up the shared facilities for those travelling with tents.

Toilets & Shower

The toilet/shower block can only be used for the toilets and showers – guests can no longer put on makeup, dry their hair etc. at this location

  • Brushing your teeth – we would ask that you refrain from brushing your teeth in the block – if you do choose to brush your teeth in the block, please consider others – you must use the supplied cleaning products after you have finished – spraying and wiping the sink, taps, and walls around the area. Please take care not to spray toothpaste and spit all over the place.  Do not use your own towel to wipe up/clean – use a single-sheet of the  paper towel provided and dispose of it in the bin – DO NOT THROW PAPER TOWEL DOWN THE TOILET
  • Try to avoid the showers at usual busy times to avoid long queues. Guests will have to space out their showers throughout the day

Campers Kitchen

  • Only 2 people are permitted in the Campers Kitchen at any one time – plus one lady in the ‘Ladies Only’ WC (enter via the kitchen door, and to the left)
  • Any crockery, utensils and cooking equipment you use or touch must be thoroughly washed or cleaned
  • Do not leave any dirty dishes in the sink. Put anything you have used or borrowed back in its place – do not leave dishes to dry on the draining board
  • Use the provided cleaner to sanitise equipment, handles etc

Bin Shed & Recycling

  • Please use the provided hand-sanitiser on entry and exit of the bin-shed – a cleaning product and paper towel is also provided should you wish to clean the bin lids before use – please use only a single-sheet of the paper towel
  • Follow our Recycling Policy – anything that can be recycled, must be put in the appropriate bin – all cans, bottles, tins and plastic must be rinsed before putting in the bins
  • If we conclude that you are not recycling – you will be asked to take your rubbish home with you, and we may ask you to leave the Campsite with no refund
  • Do not leave any new equipment packaging, nor large or broken items such as camping chairs in the bin shed, nor anywhere else on the Campsite – please take them home with you to dispose of in your own bin

Shared Water-Points

  • Shared water points will have hand-sanitiser provided and cleaning spray near each and you are encouraged to use it

The availability of our facilities can change without notice, so please keep an eye on our website and Facebook for updates.


Meenaleck, Crolly, Co. Donegal, F92 HK73


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